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by Bring Joel Home on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 3:05pm
What follows is a letter written by Dr. Suzanne Fiala to the founder of Dogs Deserve Better,Tamira Ci Thayne, expressing her concerns about questionable financial and ethical activities involving the local Washington chapter of Dogs Deserve Better (aka DDB).  emailed on April 7, 2011.  Dr. Fiala was promised that a DDB regional representative would look into her concerns, and contact and interview Dr. Fiala's witnesses to look into the allegations that she raised.  They were never contacted.  Seven days later on April 14, 2011, local representatives of the DDB  organization went to the Seattle doggie daycare  near Dr. Fiala's medical office where Joel was enrolled part-time, and took him.   In the words of the organization, he has been 'reposessed'.  Dr. Fiala has not seen Joel or been told of his whereabouts since.

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Dear Tami,

It was suggested to me by "x" that I contact you directly about some serious concerns that I have about Kelly Page, the current Washington DDB rep.

I have been a volunteer foster person for DDB since October 2010, and after 6 months I no longer want to work with this organization.  The sole reason for this?  Kelly Page and how she is running DDB.  It is very sad.

She has yet to pay me for fostering costs incurred since January of this year, for a mother pittie and her 3 pups, and a different pittie (who I have decided to adopt).  If she gives every foster home as little support as she has given me these six months, I do not wonder that DDB-Wa has a serious shortage of foster homes.  She has behaved unprofessionally many times.  ie, she criticized my being 'too attached' to my foster dog to a stranger outside of DDB, who then contacted me with this feedback, without discussing any concerns with me directly.  Ever.

Most serious of all, Kelly seems to have her 'favorites' that she posts on FB to rescue, and other dogs fall through the cracks without a second look.  She picks and chooses, and is playing God with these poor souls.  On March 21 an email was sent to 13 people and organizations, myself included, about a beaten, starving, chained pitbull in Seattle.  I got the information from the person who reported it and immediately contacted Kelly about this dog, because it was an obvious DDB dog.  For whatever reason, she had no interest in pursuing this case and said and I quote, "That email went to 13 other people, why doesn't someone else take care of it?" She wrote me that she had contacted the informant, when she did not.  She finally caved due to mounting pressure, or I believe she would have never made the trip to see this dog.

She has contradicted herself so many times, I no longer can believe anything she says as being the truth.  And when a friend I had contacted  posted info about this poor animal soliciting help and asking people to call AC and complain on the DDB-Wa website, and people began responding, Kelly erased the posting and the comments from the website. This happened just this morning.  She has in essence blocked posting of information from a public domain and non-profit website because it makes her look bad.

She has done this before, regarding a dog that she was trying to raise $750 for, to pay for a root canal.  When I responded on FB that the tooth should be pulled and that it was a waste of resources, and then 9-10 people commented similar comments, she pulled those off of the FB website as well.

She is practicing censorship on the DDB website, and treats it as her own domain.  I am sad to conclude that her agenda is not all about the dogs, but more about her personal issues and agenda.  I care about only one thing; helping dogs.  And I wanted to let you know that I see Kelly as a huge handicap to the promotion of the mission of Dogs Deserve Better.

I have considered contacting you for several months.  However this latest bit of her censoring posts off of the DDB website at her will is just beyond comprehension or belief.  Washington has such a need for a vital DDB chapter.  Please find someone else to run it.

thank you.

Suzanne Fiala, MD